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Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in working for Reiplant. Please let us take this opportunity to explain how our recruitment process works:

  1. Review – our job advertisement to ensure you meet any selection criteria
  2. Submit - your application to us. This should include:
    • Download and fill in our detailed Reiplant Employment Application form
    • Fill in the basic Job Application web form located on the 'Apply' web page and attach the aforementioned 'Reiplant Employment Application' form, your CV, any covering letter you wish to submit and any other documents requested in the job advertisement. 
    • After clicking the 'submit' button in our 'Job Application' web form your application and supporting documents will be uploaded. When the loading process is complete an acknowledgement message will appear on the website page.
  3. Short listing – Reiplant will review job applications to select the candidates which are felt to best meet the job criteria and subsequently contact suitable applicants.

  4. Pre employment medical questionnaire – short listed candidates will be asked to fill in this questionnaire to assist in determining that the applicant is able to safely carry out the range of tasks involved in the advertised position and are not put into work situations that may exacerbate any existing medical condition

  5. Interview – candidates will be invited to attend a face to face or telephone interview

  6. Referee Checks – following the above steps Reiplant will contact prospective employee referees to confirm your experience. We generally request that these are professional referees that you have been involved with in a working capacity for e.g. previous manager or supervisor

  7. Offer of employment

Any questions?

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